John Brine

Die Büchersammlung von John Brine

  • Biblische Schriften
  • Baptist History Collection
    Von Baptist Standard Bearer
  • 1. - The Certain Efficacy of the Death of Christ Asserted, Wherein The Necessity, Reality, and Perfection, of His Satisfaction are pleaded for; The Objections of the Socinians and Arminians are Answered; The Moral Law proved to be in full Force; And the unconditional Nature of the New Covenant is demonstrated in Answer to a Book, called, "The Ruin and Recovery of Mankind" etc.

    2. - A Vindication of some Truths of Natural and Revealed Religion: In Answer to the False Reasoning of Mr. James Foster on Various Subjects, viz. On Mysteries, the Light of Nature, or Reason, Miracles, Rules of Interpreting the Holy Scripture, Heresy, Schism, the Image of God in Man, Regeneration, etc., To which is added, A Dialogue between a Calvinist, a Socinian, an Arminian, a Baxterian, and a Deist, etc.

    3. - A Treatise on Various Subjects: viz. On the Original Purity of Human Nature, its Present Depravity, the Defects which attended the Doctrine of Morality, (as taught by Philosophers and Poets), On Regeneration, Conversion, and Sanctification, etc., etc. Wherein various difficult cases of Conscience are answered, as they occur, on the several Subjects treated of. 2nd Edition.

    4. - A Treatise on Various Subjects, etc. 4th Edition, Carefully Revised by J. A. Jones.
    1. - A Defense of the Doctrine of Eternal Justification, From Some Exceptions made to it by Mr. Bragge, and others.
    2. - The Covenant of Grace Opened. A Sermon Occasioned by the death of Mrs. Margaret Busfield. (2 Samuel 23:5)
    3. - God: The Defense and Glory of His Church. A Sermon preached at Devonshire Square on the fifth of November to the Society who support the Lord’s-Day Evening Lecture. (Zechariah 2:5)
    4. - The Believer’s Triumph Over Death. Considered in a Sermon Occasioned by the Decease of Mr. Hugh Lloyd, who departed this life February 11, 1735. (1 Corinthians 15:55-57)
    5. - A Sermon Preached at an Ordination of Deacons, March 5, 1735. (1 Timothy 3:8-9)
    6. - A Discourse on the Prayer of Jabez. (1 Chronicles 4:10)
    7. - Remarks upon a Pamphlet, intitled, ‘Some Doctrines in the Supralapsarian Scheme impartially examined by the Word of God’ Containing a Defense of Several Evangelical Doctrines therein objected to.
    8. - The Christian Religion not destitute of Arguments sufficient to support it. An Answer to a Pamphlet, intitled, ‘Christianity not founded on Argument, etc.’
    9. - A Refutation of Arminian Principles, Delivered in a Pamphlet, intitled, ‘The Modern Question concerning Repentance and Faith, examined with candor’, etc., in a letter to a friend.
    10. - The Chief of Sinners Saved through Jesus Christ. A Sermon Occasioned by the Death of Mrs. Anne Wildman, who died July 12, 1747. (1 Timothy 1:15)
    11. - The Nature of True Holiness Explained. A Sermon Delivered at a Monthly Exercise of Prayer, with a Sermon, April 20, 1749. (Hebrews 12:14)
    12. - An Antidote against a Spreading Antinomian Principle. (Romans 3:31)
    13. - A Christian’s Duty and Divine Efficiency Represented. A Sermon preached on LORD’S DAY, November 11, 1750, Near CrippleGate. (Philippians 2:12-13)
    14. - The Solemn Charge of a Christian Minister considered. A Sermon preached at the ordination of John Collett Ryland as pastor at Warwick, July 26, 1750. (2 Timothy 4:1-2)
    15. - Some Account of the Choice experiences of Mrs. Anne Brine, As written by Herself, and collected out of her letters by her husband, John Brine.
    16. - The Causes of Salvation and Vocation considered. A Sermon Preached on LORD’S DAY, December 22, 1751, to the Church assembling in Crispin Street, Spital-Fields, whereof the Late Mr. William Bentley was Pastor. (2 Timothy 1:9)
    17. - The True Sense of Atonement for Sin, By Christ’s Death, Stated and Defended; In Answer to a Pamphlet, intitled, ‘The Scripture Doctrine of Atonement Examined’ by Mr. Taylor of Norwich. With An Appendix, containing An Answer to the Objections of an anonymous Author to the Doctrine of Satisfaction, in another Pamphlet, intitled, ‘Second Thoughts concerning the Sufferings and Death of Christ, etc.’
    18. - Motives to Love and Unity among Calvinists, who differ on some Points. A Dialogue Between Christophilus, Philatethes, and Philagathus. Wherein is contained an Answer to Mr. Alverey Jackson’s, ‘Question Answered, Whether saving Faith in Christ is a Duty required by the moral Law, of all those who live under the Gospel Revelation?’
    19. - The Proper Eternity of the Divine Decrees, And of The Mediatorial Office of Jesus Christ: Asserted and Proved. A Discourse delivered in a Monthly Exercise of Prayer with a Sermon, on September 19, 1754. (Proverbs 8:22-23)
    20. - A Vindication of Divine Justice in the Infliction of Endless Punishment for Sin. An Answer to an anonymous Pamphlet, intitled, ‘The Scripture Account of a Future State considered.’
    21. - A Charge of Publishing a palpable Falsity, Exhibited against, & fully proved upon the Authors of the Monthly Review, In a letter to those Gentlemen: Wherein is contained a Defense of the ‘Vindication of Divine Justice in the Infliction of Endless Punishment for sin.’
    22. - Job’s Epitaph Explained. A Sermon Occasioned by the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Turner, Who departed this life, October 14, 1755. (Job 19:25-27)
    23. - Some Mistakes in a Book of Mr. Johnson’s of Liverpool, intitled, ‘The Faith of God’s Elect’. Noted and Rectified.
    24. - The Baptists Vindicated from some Groundless Charges brought against them by Mr. Eltringham, in a Pamphlet, intitled, ‘The Baptist against the Baptist, etc.’ Wherein He represents them as Erroneous, Persecuting, Diabolical, and Guilty of Deism.
    25. - Diligence in Study Recommended to Ministers. A Sermon preached at the ordination of Mr. Richard Rist, in Harlow, Essex, December 15, 1756. (1 Timothy 4:15-16)
    26. - The Doctrines of the Imputation of sin to Christ and the Imputation of His righteousness to His people, etc. (Romans 4:6)
    27. - The Gospel not absurd, not contrary to Justice, nor licentious. A Sermon preached, April 13, 1757, in Great EastCheap: to the Society who support the Wednesday Evening Lecture in that place. (2 Timothy 2:25)
    28. - Animadversions upon ‘The Letters on Theron and Aspasio’. Addressed to that Ingenious Author.
    29. - The Imputation of Christ’s active obedience to His people, and the Merit of it demonstrated. A Sermon Preached to the Society, who support the Wednesday Evening Lecture, in Great EastCheap. December 27, 1758. (Romans 4:6)
    30. - The Knowledge of Future Glory: The Support of the Saints in present Troubles. A Sermon Occasioned by the death of Reverend and Learned Mr. Clendon Daukes; Who Departed this Life, December 12, 1758. (2 Corinthians 5:1)
    31. - Grace proved to be at the Sovereign Disposal of God. In a Discourse Preached July 19, 1760 at Mr. Burford’s Meeting, in the Monthly Exercise of Prayer, with a Sermon. (Deuteronomy 29:4)
    32. - Ancient Prophecy, Proved to be Divine. A Discourse preached at Mr. Thompson’s Meeting House, in a Monthly Exercise of Prayer, with a Sermon, February 19, 1761. (2 Peter 1:21)
    33. - Christ the Object of God’s Eternal Delight, and the Church the Object of Christ’s Everlasting Delight. Explained and Proved in a Sermon preached, December 31, 1760, near Devonshire-Square, to the Society who support the Wednesday Evening Lecture. (Proverbs 8:30-31)
    34. - The Opposition of Flesh and Spirit in Believers Considered. A Sermon preached February 8, 1761. (Galatians 5:17)
    35. - The Glory of the Gospel Considered. A Sermon preached May 23, 1762. (1 Timothy 1:11)
    36. - A Right to Eternal Glory, through the Meritorious Obedience of Christ, proved to be consistent with the Absolute Freedom and Sovereignty of Divine Grace, as the Origin of it. A short discourse on Titus 3:7. (Titus 3:7)
    37. - Sin reigns not, nor shall reign, in the Saints. A Discourse Delivered at a Monthly Exercise of Prayer, with a Sermon, April 20, 1764. (Romans 6:14)
  • Sie ist daher ihn Gott geweiht mit besonderer Feierlichkeit, die Lösung "zu sein, besonders vorsichtig ... in seinem Geist einzuflößen die Prinzipien der Religion und Tugend." Die Frucht ihrer Treue zu diesem hohen Ziel war die große und schöne Leben ihrer Weihe durch.
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